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Post by MitchDavis on Tue Feb 03, 2015 4:02 am

Welcome to the Real Bikers Nod Feature Bike competition, for the chance to be crowned a 'Feature Bike Winner' and have a limited status and special ranking.

**Competitions will be held monthly**

Process as follows:

Nominations Topics will be created on the 1st of every month - This is where you put forward the bikes you think should be put up for the vote to win Feature Bike.

- Only post the picture and username of the bike you wish to nominate.
- Members can not nominate themselves.
- In future competitions bikes/users that have previously won cannot be nominated again unless it is with a different bike.
- Members can not be nominated two months in a row.

Voting Topics will be created on the 10th of every month and closed on the 25th of every month - Moderators and Admins will then look at the nominated bikes/users and get it down to a final 5. We will do our best to include a variety of styles.  

- Members can only vote once

Feature/Winner will be announced on the last day of every month - When the voting poll has closed for votes the member with the most votes will be the 'Feature Bike Winner' for that month.

If you are voted the 'Feature Bike Winner' in the voting topic, you will receive the Special Rank of 'Feature Bike Winner' and will get the title under your avatar for all other members to see, along with this will be silver stars to set you aside from the rest. This status stays for as long as your account is active.

Site Developer and Admin...PM me if you have any queries or questions

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